Creative Trespassing

Creative Trespassing

Penguin Random House, 2019

  • Face fears and embrace obstacles as an opportunity to accelerate growth
  • Lead with compassion, good humor and respect
  • Understand your immense value at work because of your creativity not in spite of it
  • Increase creative confidence to take more generative risks
  • Create a stage for unders (underdogs, underserved, underappreciated…) to be on top
  • Celebrate adversity and diversity
  • Challenge the status-quo in favor of weird, unique, and unconventional ways of getting from here to there!

“We don’t need to be in a job that is distinctly creative in order to be distinctly creative within our job.”

If you’re feeling stuck

In a dullsville job, a windowless cubicle, or an ill-fitting polyester work shirt, chin up!

Katan has been there too, and she’s lived to tell the story. How? By choosing to stand out rather than fit in, to find her light and bask in it with all of her quirks and flaws. “The moment you choose to let the world see the real you—messy, imperfect, warts and all”, she says “is the moment you choose to shine too.”

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking new ways to innovate, a newbie trying to spice up routine entry-level work, a free spirit with a rich creative life outside the office looking to bring more of that magic into your job, or just someone who occasionally feels the urge to scream, “Why does it say paper jam when there is no paper jam?!!” Katan will show you how to transform monotony into novelty and get your freakin’ spark back between the hours of nine and five.

Peppered with stories of her own shenanigans- from organizing an arm wrestling match in the middle of an art museum to staging a corporate culture intervention via post-its, – and lessons from the rule-breaking exploits of artists, change-makers, and totally legit business leaders alike, this book is an uninhibited guide to using creativity as fuel for a freer and more awesome life.

“Fail at the things you can do tomorrow and kick-ass at all the things you choose to do today.”

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